“SWF seeks MWM for BDSM.” (This translates as “Solitary writing fanatic seeks Michigan Writers members for bi-weekly downtown sharing and mentoring,” of course. Why, what were you thinking it meant?)

That’s right — Michigan Writers is now beginning a classifieds section to connect writers with existing writing groups or to create new groups!

Effective immediately, you may submit, via email, your own “classified ad” in any of these three categories:

  • Looking to join an existing writing group;
  • A writing group looking for new members; or,
  • Looking to create a new writing group.

In your listing, please be sure to note, as concretely as possible, what you’re looking for — what you need from others, and what you’d like to give — and what constraints you face.

For instance, are you looking for encouragement as a new writer, or are you an experienced writer looking for frank, detailed feedback? Do you want to meet with writers working only in genres closely related to yours? How often do you want to meet? Do you want the meetings to be self-contained, or to share materials for preparation between meetings? What limitations on time and geography do you face?

And remember, no matter how “striking” or “leggy” someone’s writing is, it still will come down to some group alchemy, so don’t be discouraged if you try a few different combinations before you find what works best for you. Even if we’re all writers, writing holds may different places in our lives.

This system is new and experimental; we’ll see what works, and what can work better. Please send your ads and ideas to [email protected], and I will post them as expeditiously as I can. And when you’ve tried out the system, think about writing something about your experience that we can post here on the MW website, so that others can benefit from what you’ve learned.

So, go forth and connect (and maybe, just to be safe, skip the acronyms in your ad…)!

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