Dedicated time and space to create new work: The ISLAND Hill House Residency Program

Application deadline is April 1, 2013 for residencies that run from June through November, 2013.

The Hill House Artist Residency supports talented emerging songwriters, writers at all stages of their career and non-studio artists with a two, three or four week stay in a semi-secluded log cabin near East Jordan, Michigan.

It includes a well stocked kitchen, a selection of instruments and some basic recording gear, as well as opportunities for community exchange through performance, readings and workshops (only at your request, of course). The emerging musician residency also offers a small stipend to aid in your professional development.

Previous Residents

“The depth and yield of my days at Hill House stagger me. Hill House is where I finished the rough draft of a novel and where I printed and read through the manuscript for the first time. Each day at the residency was dense with thought and creation. Journals from my two weeks at Hill House contain obsessive notes about my own novel-in-progress, dissections of the half dozen books I read while there, descriptions of walks in the woods and of Michigan’s tumultuous spring weather, recollections of meals I cooked, and memories and ideas I reflected upon. Each day, I discovered anew the rich current of work that flows from dedicated space and time.” -Ingrid Norton, writer

“…I reflected that the experience was as if we were painters who had canvas and brushes at home. We even had most of the paint that we needed. Only no red. And no yellow.

Melissa and I work hard. We often work nonstop for extended periods of time. We have agreed that it is valuable to practice balance and our nightly music making is part of how we found we can best do that. We have the tools we need to create. We have many of the elements that we need to create. We were struggling with space and time. ISLAND and the Hill House gave us these, our red and our yellow.” -Marcus Sigh, musician

Selection Criteria

Applications will be juried by a rotating panel selected by ISLAND. Residency awards are merit driven, based primarily on the quality of your existing work, using the following criteria, in order of priority:

• the creativity and integrity of the work

• the strength of the artist’s statement and the perceived fit with the Hill House residency

• the availability of the artist in the dates still open for residents

Never applied to a residency before? Find an excellent overview at the Alliance of Artists Communities website.

How to Apply

Read further and apply online here.

We are happy to help you with this process! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Yvonne Stephens (231) 622-5252 or [email protected].

ISLAND is a proud member of the Alliance of Artists Communities.

Special thanks to the Begonia Charitable Foundation for their support of the Hill House.

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