The Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Dunes Review is here — come join the release party!

Sunday, October 22, 2017
12:00 noon
Brilliant Books, 118 E. Front St., Traverse City

There’s a complete list of this issue’s contributors below. For a preview of their work, check out Brilliant Books’ author interview series. Thanks again to our friends at Brilliant Books for being our host.

If it seems unusual for us to launch Dunes Review on a Sunday, it is — but we don’t want you to have to choose between Dunes and the tribute for celebrated author (and past Dunes Review contributor) Jim Harrison being held Saturday at the City Opera House.

Contributors, Summer/Fall 2017 Dunes Review


Kathleen Balma, “Genetically Modified Crop Conspiracies”

Taylor Harrison Micks, “Double Happiness”

Jeff Ewing, “Under the Bear Flag”

Jane Ann Flint, “Boston State Hospital—Mattapan”

Michael Mark, “The Fool’s Address”

Maggie Greaves, “Terracotta Hydria”; “Familiar Murders”; “Dates at a Science Center”; “Travel Ban”

Jim Zola, “Friday After the End of the World”

Kirk Westphal, “Read This Twice”; “After Reading”; “Weight of Air”

Richard King Perkins, “Decade”

Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, “Memory”

Jonathan Ezequiel Donabo, “XIX. Nolan Washes His Face”

Jacalyn Shelley, “Madonna of the Dry Tree”

Abby Caplin, “The Resistance”

Christos Kalli, “Matriphagy”

Trenton Pollard, “Apocryphal”

Jennifer Yeatts, “My Heart as Transistor Radio”

Jonathan Greenhause, “To Whom It May Concern”

Maddy Gardiner, “Sirens”

Kevin Rabas, “Putting, Disc Golf”

George Looney, “Time is a Game Played Beautifully by Children”

Anne-Marie Oomen, “Parable: Circularity”

Will Cordeiro, “Happenstance”

Robb Astor, “Progress Report”

Ace Boggess, “Do You Think of Yourself as a Winner?”

Monica Rico, “Tercio de Muerte”

Jan Shoemaker, “The Atomic Weight of Wonder”

Caitlin Johnson, “Rn (86)”

Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, “Alien Hunters”

Rikki Santer, “The Syntax of Trouble”

Kristopher David Cooley, “To Shun the Gilded Water Cooler”

Steven Ray Smith, “I Broke Up with My Employer Today”

D.R. James, “Lines Concocted While Waiting to Catch a Certain Bent Blue Note in Jimi Hendrix’s Second Guitar Solo of ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return),’ Recorded Live at London’s Albert Hall, February 24, 1969”

Cal Freeman, “Fight Song of the Pleco”

Keith Taylor, “Vet’s Pool: The Deep End”; “At Belshazzar’s Feast”


Luke Faste, “Spirit Gum”

Patricia Trentacoste, “Pug and Woolie”

Svetlana Beggs, “Made in USSR”

Amy VanDeburgh Fant, “Baby Fever”

Delphine Hirsh, “The Webbing”

Vivian McInerny, “A Murder of Crows”


Patricia Heim, “Screen Memory”

Brandon Hansen, “Channel 200”


Jennifer Saunders, Sharp Blue Search of Flame, Zilka Joseph

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