Fall 2016 (Volume 20, Issue II): 20th Anniversary Issue




If on some night you are gazing
over a field of wheat or corn
and you are helpless to see
two tall figures emerge from the rows,
If these figures strike you as old,
or if they sway, especially if they sway,
or seem cut from the night,
dark with no edge, a doubt upon the earth,
and if they beckon with long arms
as barren trees grasp during storms,
then you must go to them and follow at any cost,
you must regret nothing, ever, not ever again,
because the quiet in your heart is now done
your questions are discarded, you have embarked,
you are now a furthering ease, a deathless stroke,
this one small thing that creaks through all of creation,
like a cat ghosting in the attic.

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