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Dunes Review 17.2_cover_front only

17.2, Summer/Fall 2013

POETRY by A. Anupama, Karen Anderson, Rob Astor, Sarah Bence, Russ Capaldi, Kelly Clare, Jim Crockett, Lawrence Eby, Matthew Esckelson, Melissa Fournier, Jonathan Greenhause, Amorak Huey, Kris Kunz, Meryl McQueen, Michelle Menting, Tayna Muzumdar, Janeen Pergrin Rastall, Holly Wren Spaulding, David Stallings, Lisa Wamsley, & Angela Knauer Williams.

PROSE by Michael K. Brantley, Annie Lampman, Nicole Dowdell, Cory Stauffer, & Earl Wader.

COVER ART by Trevor Arnett.


17.1_front only

17.1, Winter/Spring 2013

Winners of the 2013 William J. Shaw Memorial Prize for Poetry:

First place: Melissa Fournier, “Goldfinch”

Second place:  Jim Crockett, “Cadences”

Third Place: Kris Kunz, “Dry Ice Love Poem”

POETRY by Karen Anderson, Joy Arbor, Rob Astor, Marcy Branski, Jim Crockett, Nancy Eimers, Matthew Esckelson, Melissa Fournier, Joy Gaines-Friedler, Ivan Jenson, Christian Kiefer, Kris Kunz, Jessi Luzius, Ron McFarland, Tayna Muzumdar, William Olsen, Natalie Solmer, Holly Wren Spaulding, Ellen Stone, Kirk Westphal.

PROSE by Earl Water.


16.2_front only16.2, Summer/Fall 2012

POETRY by Rob Astor, Paul Scot August, Sarah Bence, Steven Matthew Brown, Sean D. Case, Patricia Clark, Jim Crockett, Jaimien Delp, Nancy Eimers, Melissa Fournier, Rebecca Greenberg, Stefen Holtrey, David Hornibrook, Michael Hughes, Tim Kahl, Kris Kunz, Tim Nielsen, William O’Day, Kathleen Schenck, Katey Schultz, Teresa Scollon, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Mark Statman, Ellen Stone, Jon Taylor, Angela Williams.

PROSE by Brit Washburn.



16.1_front only 16.1 Winter 2012

Winner of the William J. Shaw Memorial Prize for Poetry, 2012: Jenny Robertson, “Elegy for Kia” & “Death of a First Born”

POETRY by Karen Anderson, Wayne Bossory, Jim Crockett, Jim Daniels, Michael Delp, Chris Dombrowski, Melissa Fournier, Eugene Hearne, David Hornibrook, Taya Kitaysky, Kris Kunz, Tim Lepczyk, Lyn Lifshin, Foster Neill, Kate Newton, John Pahl, Allison Leigh Peters, Jack Ridl, Kayla Romberger, Teresa Scollon, Diane Seuss, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Kathleen E. Schenck, Ellen Stone, Alison Swan, Abby Van Dusen, Angela Williams.

PROSE by Steven Matthew Brown & Andrew Riutta.



15.2_front only15.2

Winners of the William J. Shaw Memorial Prize for Poetry, 2010-2011:

First Place: Carrie Strand Tebeau, “Gale Force”

Second Place: Amber Edmondson, “In the City of Cochabamba, There Is a Prison”

Third Place: Stephanie Heit, “Dulce o Salado”

POETRY by Scott Beal, Terry Blackhawk, Nick Bozanic, Jim Daniels, Kiley Harrison, Conrad Hilberry, Ken Meisel, Tim Nielson, Emily Pittinos, Jenny Robertson, Michael Russell, Teresa J. Scollon, Diane Seuss, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Keith Taylor, Richard Tillinghast, Jeff VandeZande.

ALSO FEATURING Traverse City National Writers Series High School Winners Emily Pittinos (poetry), Michael Russell (fiction) & Abby Woughter (nonfiction).

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