Michigan Writers Mary Jo Zazueta who will present a workshop entitled, Publishing and Marketing: Where to Start, Thursday, March 20, from 7-9 pm, at the University Center on Cass Road, room 216. The workshop is free to members of Michigan Writers and $10 to nonmembers who can join onsite for a $40 annual fee. Pre-registration is not necessary.

Are you frustrated trying to maneuver through the publishing industry? Desperate to get your book published—but you don’t know where to start or whom to trust? Novice and first-time authors and those who have had a negative experience in the online world will benefit from this informative seminar. Mary Jo Zazueta, editor and designer of award-winning books, will discuss the different publishing avenues, the steps required to succeed at each, and a general idea of the production time and costs involved. Various ways to market and sell books will also be reviewed. The program is designed for people with a manuscript or at least a book project in mind.

Mary Jo Zazueta is an editor, book designer, and publishing guide. In 1994, she established To The Point Solutions to help writers achieve their goal of publishing memoirs, novels, self-help, business, and children’s books. Mary Jo takes authors from manuscript stage to printed books—guiding them each step of the way to ensure the process is fun and rewarding—and that they have a trade-quality book to sell. A graduate of the University of Detroit, she resides in Traverse City.

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