Each year, the Michigan Writers Cooperative Press sponsors a contest open to new writers for shorter works (chapbooks) in the categories of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. The contest is open now, and concludes on December 15

One of the missions of Michigan Writers is to give voice and encouragement to new writers. And that’s where the Michigan Writers Cooperative Press (MWCP) comes in.

The MWCP — the Cooperative Press — offers a chance for all heretofore unpublished members of Michigan Writers to submit shorter work — a collection of poems or short stories, or about 40 pages of fiction or nonfiction — and to have it evaluated by accomplished writers in their genre. And if that work is the most worthy submission in that genre, then the Michigan Writers Cooperative Press will celebrate and, perhaps more pertinently, will publish your work as a chapbook.

Our contest for submissions for the 2015 chapbook contest is now open. It concludes on December 15, 2014.

New writers, this is your chance!

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