Join with other writers and sharpen your literary techniques in short classes designed for those who want to hone their writing skills as well as beginning writers. Our instructors are experts in their fields – novelists, screenwriters, publishers, journalists, and storytellers. For more information on the classes below, click here.

Writing and Publishing classes for adults

Writing the Narrative—A One-Day Workshop          EECO327

Do you have a story to tell? Whether the story is fictional (short story, novel) or factual (memoir) or a bit of both (creative non-fiction), all stories are built the same way. Examine the basic story building elements through discussion and prompts that help you start telling your story using a particular element, such as characterization, plot action, or setting. Class meets in a computer lab so we can “workshop” our stories by projecting work on a screen to discuss the strengths/ weaknesses of the exercises. You’ll leave with a story start (or continuation), fresh ideas, and insights into how to improve your writing. Lunch is included. Bring a flash drive to class.

Wed., May 13                                         Code: 2278
9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
University Center Rm. 205
Instructor: Stephen Lewis

Writing Your Life Stories     EESA116

Have you had the urge to put your stories on paper? Whether for family and friends or as a gift to yourself, take time to capture pieces of your journey in writing. Whether you are a beginning or experienced writer, you will find content by working with memories, photographs, letters, and a variety of writing techniques to help you vividly portray the people, places and events that have influenced your life. Bring writing materials, a 3-ring binder, and your enthusiasm.

4 Tues., May 5-26                                  Code: 2220
9:30 a.m.-noon
University Center Rm. 213
Instructor: Deb Jackson
$99 ($81 with LIFE Discount)

Reading Contemporary Poetry       EESA683

What happened to rhyme? What happened to meter? How do you read a poem that doesn’t subscribe to any of the rules of so-called traditional poetry? If you love to read but find contemporary poetry confusing, hard to read, or hard to find, this introductory class is for you. Guided by author and poet, Teresa Scollon, you’ll sample a range of contemporary poets, discuss free verse and organic form, and explore reading approaches. You’ll leave with a sense of the range of contemporary poetry, a reading list, and perhaps a new favorite poet. Mostly, we’ll have fun enjoying good poetry.

Wed., May 20                                         Code: 2279
10 a.m.-noon
University Center Rm. 214
Instructor: Teresa Scollon
$39 ($33 with LIFE Discount)

Is Self-Publishing for You? A Bookseller’s Perspective             EECO341

Get introduced to the challenging experience of selling a self-published book to bookstore owners and managers. Through a series of hands-on writing exercises and group discussion led by Pamela Grath, an independent bookstore owner, you’ll explore the complex business venture of self-publishing and decide it it’s the right course for you to pursue. Arm yourself with a real-world experience perspective and be much better prepared for what lies ahead if you decide to move forward with self-publishing.

Wed., June 10                                        Code: 2280
6-9 p.m.
University Center Rm. 214
Instructor: Pamela Grath

Selling Your Book: Marketing Essentials            EECO342

Need a boost to generate sales of an already published book? Want to know how to keep sales moving? Many authors overlook formulating a marketing plan before publishing their book. Join Mary Jo Zazueta, a twenty-year veteran in book publishing, in this fast-paced class and learn how to create a marketing plan; get tips on where and how to sell your book; and, most importantly, how to avoid costly mistakes that can hamper any author’s best marketing efforts. This class is designed for fiction and nonfiction authors who have published and/or are currently working on a book project.

Wed., May 6                                           Code: 2281
6:30-8:30 p.m.
University Center Rm. 209
Instructor: Mary Jo Zazueta



College for Kids: writing & keyboarding classes

Writing Great Books and Stories (Grades 6–9)     EEYN108

All screen plays, TV shows, and novels begin with STORY. Explore your story ideas as you learn how to begin, develop, and end a story. Discover how to make characters come alive and write about places so real they’ll jump off the page. You’ll get lots of encouragement from author and teacher Elizabeth Buzzelli. Bring a sample of your own writing, a notebook, pens, and imagination along with a sense of adventure.

Mon.-Thurs., July 13-16                           Code: 2085
9:30 a.m.-Noon, NMC Main Campus,
Scholars Hall Rm. 101
Instructor: Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

Microsoft Office for Student Success
(Grades 7–12)           EEYT122

Build a foundation for academic success as you learn how Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel can help with your homework. Word makes writing reports easier helping you keep track of your sources with proper citation. Excel lets you create graphs and keeps track of your data. Presentations with PowerPoint are more engaging helping you get your point across. These programs can also be used for personal projects including photo slideshows, fun signs, and money-management spreadsheets.

Mon.-Thurs., June 29-July 2                     Code: 2110
9:30 a.m.-Noon
Parsons-Stulen Bldg. Rm. 203
Instructor: Deanna Sayer

Keyboarding: Learn to Type Faster
(Grades 7–10)           EEYS114

Do you use one or two fingers to get yourself through your computer projects? Before you send another e-mail, write another letter, or start another report, you can learn to type—REALLY! Typing is an essential skill for getting along in this technological world. Have fun learning how to “touch type” with keyboard patterns, hand positions and typing techniques. You’ll be glad you did!

Mon.-Fri., July 27-31                                Code: 2098
10 a.m.-Noon
Parsons-Stulen Bldg. Rm. 201
Instructor: Deanna Sayer

Write a Winning College Application or Scholarship Essay
(Grades 10–12)         EEYW105

Want to get a jump on the college application process? Do you need to win a scholarship? Essays and personal statements are an important part of college and scholarship applications. Learn what colleges are looking for and begin to craft your own essay or personal statement. Bringing a scholarship or college application packet is helpful but not necessary. Bring a flash drive.

Tues. & Thurs., June 23 & 25                   Code: 2118
1-4:30 p.m.
University Center Rm. 08
(2200 Dendrinos Drive, off Cass Rd.)
Instructor: Mary Bridges


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