Protecting Your Creativity: Planning, Contracts and Copyright for Artists

Calling all creative entrepreneurs! Join arts administrator and attorney-at-law, Kate Hude, to learn more about basic business entities, business planning and how financial considerations, copyright and contracts play a role in starting or managing your creative business.

In this workshop, artists and creative persons will receive an overview of some of the legal issues facing individual cultural entrepreneurs and arts and cultural organizations today. Learn about basic business entities and how financial considerations play a role in selecting the type of business entity that is right for you. Then, discover how developing a simple business plan can help you feel more confident about your own creative work. Finally, explore how your understanding of basic contracts and copyright can protect your creative efforts. Whether you are looking to start a small creative business or are in the process of growing one, this workshop is perfect for the artist, freelancer or creative entrepreneur looking to gain a better understanding of the legal issues involved with protecting your creative work – See more at:

Program dates: Saturday, October 24, 2015

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