On Sunday, May 5, 2019, we came together to celebrate and share the most recent issue of Dunes Review at Brilliant Books in Traverse City, Michigan.

Many of the included writers came to read their contributions, reading in the order they appear in the journal.

Jennifer Yeatts – intro, editor’s note
Jen Sperry Steinorth – on cover art
Jennifer for Victoria Hudson – “Welcome to Fort Smith, A Bird Sanctuary…”
Ann Casapini – “You Are Standing Right in Front of Me”
Ellen Stone – “Dissolution”
Ginger Hanchey – “Symphony”
Kirk Westphal – “Common Ground”
Ellen Stone – “Dear Styrofoam Meat Tray”
Danny Eisenberg – “Swarm”
Ginger Hanchey – “How to Explain”
Danny Eisenberg – “Proof with Birds”
Jennifer for Clare Hogan – “Saying So”
Abigail Goodheart – “Cooking Shows”
Abigail Goodheart – “Holidays”
Kelli Fitzpatrick – “As Water”
Janet Greenhut – “Seven + One”
Alan Haider – “Virtual Vacation”
Jennifer for Jasmine Throckmorton – “Matriarch”
Ellen Stone – “Good Friday at the Transplant Clinic”
Jennifer for Maria Terrone – “ICU”
Julia Poole – “Echoed”
Danny Eisenberg – “Liechtenstein”
Jack Baker – “Our Cedar Fence near Freesoil, MI”

You may pick up your own copy of Dunes Review at your favorite local or online bookseller.

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