IMPORTANT: The annual Michigan Writers meeting, May 26, 5:30-7:00 will be held at SILVER SPRUCE BREWERY (not Workshop as previously announced). The slate of officers will be presented for a vote, and writer and educator John Mauk will do a mini reading from his book “Field Notes for the Earthbound,” and offer a short presentation for writers and readers on “Yearning is the Engine: How Writers Turn Longing into Literary Power.” Join us for an hour of sharing and a beverage. This is your opportunity to become a member or renew membership. MW is making a huge commitment to renewal this year–on every level.

About guest speaker, John Mauk.
John Mauk grew up on the Ohio flatland, a stone’s throw from Michigan, a stumble or two from Indiana, across the street from Ohio Art (makers of the Etch-a-Sketch), and across town from Spangler Candy (makers of the Dum Dum sucker). In 2014, Black Lawrence Press published his first collection of fiction, Field Notes for the Earthbound. More recent stories have been published in a range of online and print magazines. Along with mighty coauthors and comrades, John developed four college textbooks Culture: A Reader, Think About It, The Composition of Everyday Life, Inventing Arguments emerged from classroom interaction—from years of working with students and colleagues on different college campuses, including NMC. John holds a PhD in English (rhetoric and writing) from Bowling Green State University. In his post-graduate school years, he veered into fiction and philosophy. He reads rhetoric as magic, fiction as truth, and philosophy as often as possible. In the summers, John and his wife Karen now hideout in Lake Ann, Michigan.

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